Technical Publications Forum 2014 – Melbourne

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"Wrap-up of Tech Pubs Forum 2014 in Melbourne"  


OK it wasn't as busy as a U2 Concert, but Tech Pubs Forum 2014 was certainly a success with some well-known faces mixed in with new ones, making for a great networking event on Thursday evening.  

Day One started with Tony from HyperWrite delving into DITA, including the correct way to pronounce the acronym. We had an update from Defence on what policies have been updated in the last two years, along with which ones are now being reviewed and updated, including the infamous 5629B.  Day one wrapped with our final speaker Philippe from Antea on the status of the Raildex specification.

Day Two had more new topics on the agenda, with Mark from the Data Conversion Laboratory (DCL) sharing how to create a hybrid approach to legacy conversion. Absolute Data Group's CEO, Tammy Halter, shared how Minedex could be the option for how Mining Equipment Manufacturers could globally enable data on mine sites.  In the afternoon Reeta Nye (S1000D) and Tony Self (DITA) shared with the audience their knowledge on all the different ways data can be re-used within the S1000D specification and DITA standard.  


The ADG Team.