Technical Publications Forum 2014 – Melbourne

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Reeta Nye
S1000D Trainer / Senior Consultant
Absolute Data Group (ADG)

Title: Taking it Mobile - The Reality versus the Hype of Deploying IETP's to Tablets

Abstract: The use of tablets to display operational and technical data is rapidly increasing. Powered by high resolution screens with long battery life, cheap tablets free the technician from the hanger PC and paper manuals.  But can these low powered devices meet the users expectations when compared to powerful PC's? How can departments manage the deployment and updating of technical information to both company and personal devices?

In this session Reeta Nye shares ADG's experience in developing its R4i MobieTP tablet based IETP Viewer and the lessons learnt in creating content, deploying and managing those mobile IETP's.  Reeta will share the technical traps found on the Mobile IETP journey and discuss the importance of a tablet IETP deployment ecosystem.  

Biography: Reeta is an S1000D Trainer and Senior Consultant for Absolute Data Group.  With over 10 years experience in IT, including SGML/XML publishing systems analysis and development and 5 years experience in S1000D and Dynamic Publishing Projects that include delivery to web and complex print requirements.  Reeta provides Training in S1000D and ADG's full product suite, as well as Epic Editor FrameMaker v7.0 to v11,0, XSLT and is also a 'legend' XSL-FO developer.