Technical Publications Forum 2014 – Melbourne

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Ian Proudfoot
Technical director


Title: 2D/3D Graphics and Multimedia: Who needs Interchange Standards?

Abstract: Technical graphics standards for Aerospace and defence publications have been carefully managed to ensure successful interchange of data. As technology moves forward, new graphics formats become popular. Should the same interchange standards apply to SVG and 3D formats?

Is there a future for traditional 2D illustration add the continued use of CGM? Should there be ATA/S1000D profiles for SVG? Is there a need for presentation rules for 3D models and other multimedia formats?


Biography: Ian is the Technical Director at Antea, a French company that specializes in software solutions for the technical publishing industry.  Antea have significant expertise in the Aerospace and Defence sector.  

Ian's career highlights include:

        * Trained as a Technical Illustrator
        * Technical Publications Manager at two General Aviation aircraft manufacturers
        * Introduced the first S1000D in-service project to the British Army for their utility aircraft
        * Past contributor to the ATA Graphics Working Group
        * Current member of the S1000D EPWG and the multimedia task team
        * 1996 Introduced first commercial S1000D (and ATA iSpec 2200) authoring solutions -
           still in production as Mekon Eclipse
        * 2012 joined Antea and is responsible for the new Leonardo Suite of illustration tools