Technical Publications Forum 2014 – Melbourne

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Lyneve Rappell 
Recruitment Manager
TechWriter Placements


Title: Simplified Technical English: Some quirks and limitations  


Simplified Technical English is a code for technical documentation that is intended to prevent the ambiguities inherent in English. In this presentation, Lyneve will examine what STE is and what it is not. Discussing areas where STE rules contravene plain English principles whilst considering the impact of this on written communication and the training of writers.

Topics that will be discussed inlcude:

* How can we implement its use in a population with limited grammar training, particularly with well-established monolingual writers?
* Where are the gaps in the rules?
* What are the implications of misuse, over-correction and error?

This presentation will focus on the rules of STE, giving attendees some confidence around how to apply them, and reminding current users 
of rules they may not often use.



Lynene Rappell (MA) has been editing since high school. In Japan she edited The Language Teacher. She was a Learning Skills Advisor at UWS and a Production Editor at Halstead Press. At TechWriter Placements, Lyneve recruits and trains writers for biotech, defence, construction, shipping, health care, finance and government.