Technical Publications Forum 2014 – Melbourne

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Data Conversion Laboratory Inc. (DCL) 

Mark Gross
CEO / President
Data Conversion Laboratory Inc.

Title: Creating a Hybrid Approach to Legacy Conversion

Abstract: Organisations rarely look at combining the best of breed when planning a legacy conversion project.  Most often, they pull employees off their regular tasks to work on the conversion.  There is nothing more costly than this siloed approach due to its manual and labour intensive processes that create huge opportunities for error involving even more resources for clean-up on the backend.  But there does not need to be a one-size-fits-all approach nor does everything need to be done in-house in order to meet budget.

Combining the appropriate plan, expertise and processes will ensure the highest quality results delivered on schedule and budget.  This session will address every aspect of the conversion process and identify ways to maximize your ROI through the benefits of teamwork and automation.  We will build a roadmap for the attendees identifying everything from what the right team should look like, how to set priorities and assign tasks, preparing content for conversion, the process that fits the content, managing an automated production process as well as how to avoid the bottlenecks before they occur.


Biography: Mark Gross, President & CEO-Founder of Data Conversion Laboratory, is a recognized authority on XML implementation and document conversion.  President and CEO of DCL, Mark also serves as Project Executive, with overall responsibility for resource management and planning.  Prior to funding DCL in 1981, Mark was with the consulting practice of Arthur Young & Co. Mark has a BS in Engineering from Columbia University and an MBA from New York University.  He has also taught at the New York University Graduate School of Business, The New School, and Pace University.  He is a frequent speaker on the topic of automated conversions to XML and SGML.