Technical Publications Forum 2014 – Melbourne

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Tech Pubs Forum 2014 provides a two day Forum to share information on current initiatives, future intentions and common issues regarding the creation, management and delivery of documentation in Defence, Aerospace, Ship Building, Rail and industries that manufacture and maintain large and complex equipment.  

The Official Program for Tech Pubs Forum 2014 is being finalised.  Click on the Presentation Titles below, for further details including Presentation Abstracts and Biographies of Guest Speakers. 

        * RailDex - An Initiative for Railroad using the S1000D Specification
        * Being Smart about Technical Illustrations for Electronic Publications
        * Delving into DITA
        * Creating a Hybrid Approach to Legacy Conversion
        * 2D/3D Graphics & Multi-media: Who needs Interchange Standards?
        * MineDex - The next Generation of Interactive Documentation into the mining Sector
        * ShipDex - A Case Study on an Implementation 
        * Simplified Technical English: Some Quirks and Limitations
        * Materiel Logistics Reform - eBusiness, a Critical Enabler
        * The World is still Changing! Technical Data Management in Defence 2 years on
        * Debate Panel DITA vs S1000D - One Spec to Rule them all
        * Technical Publications, the Starting Point - A Look Beyond 'The Publication'
        * Taking it Mobile - The Reality versus the Hype of Deploying IETP's to Tablets