Technical Publications Forum 2014 – Melbourne

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HyperWrite Pty Ltd

Tony Self
Director of Training at tcworld GmbH
Owner of HyperWrite Pty Ltd 

Title: Delving into DITA

Abstract:  There is much buzz about DITA (the Darwin Information Typing Architecture) which is an XML application for the structured storage of information, particularly procedures.  DITA has the potential to make the documentation process more efficient and disciplined, and to provide a future-proof, vendor-neutral format for technical communication.  DITA is a difficult thing to explain.  It is difficult because we expect it to be a product or a technology, when it is actually a standard and a methodology.  DITA provides an approach that embraces best practice ideals such as modularity, single-sourcing, minimalism, and content re-use. 

Scope of Presentation:  In this presentation, Tony Self will explain the principles of DITA, show practical examples of its use and then open the floor to questions.  No previous knowledge of DITA is required or expected.  This is your chance to learn what DITA is, and how it may be relevant to you and your writing practices.

Biography:  Dr Tony Self has over 30 years of experience as a technical communicator.  He founded HyperWrite, a company specialising in structured authoring, Help systems, and DITA. Tony is a member of the OASIS DITA Technical Committee, an adjunct teaching fellow at Swinburne University, and the author of "The DITA Style Guide".