Technical Publications Forum 2014 – Melbourne

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Call for Papers

Absolute Data Group invites submissions for presentation topics for Tech Pubs Forum 2014.  
Email your submissions for review to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Presentation subjects and case studies that will be of interest include, but are not limited to, the following topics:


   *   SHIPDEX - Create and deliver high quality ships maintenance, operational and parts information faster, at less cost!

   *   Authoring your DITA content in a constructive manner

   *   RAILDEX - Getting on the right track!

   *   5629B - Structured or Unstructured

   *   Paper or PDF delivery

   *   Simplified Technical English (STE)

   *   S1000D in projects and how it is being delivered to Australian Defence

   *   Contracts, Project Office and OEM working together

   *   Using S1000D for non-maintenance data

   *   ILS and Through Life Support considerations for life of a project

   *   Defence requirements for Land, Air and Sea Systems S1000D implementation

   *   Defence Business Rules

   *   Lessons learnt from completed and in progress Defence projects



As Tech Pubs Forum 2014 has a target audience specific to your industry, it is a great forum to share your knowledge and expertise with a high caliber audience.

It is best to submit proposals well in advance of the deadline, however, we will still review proposals submitted after the deadline, in case any relevant openings become available.

To present a Forum session or deliver a tutorial, please submit your abstract to the Forum Manager, (Samantha Hocking) at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for review by 7 March 2014:

1/2 page abstract

If you are accepted to present a Forum session or deliver a tutorial, you will be expected to submit the following by 23 March 2014 :

   *   A session abstract of not more than 150 words

   *   A speaker biography of not more than 50 words

   *   Company details

   *   A photograph (if available) for use on Tech Pubs Forum website and in the main Forum program (please indicate if you do not want to issue)

Please note: all Forum sessions must focus on technologies and industry experience.
We do not accept sales pitches or marketing presentations.



Individuals or organisations presenting at Tech Pubs Forum 2014 should submit their FINAL Powerpoint presentation to the Forum Manager by 18 April 2014 .


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For more information, contact the Forum Manager or call ADG on +61 7 3832 6888.